systrarna stormhatt och det stora fågeläventyret
This is a play about loss and dreams' endless power; about reaching those we long for through imagination and that heaven, well, it's just 2 meters away. Systrarna Stormhatt & Det Stora Fågeläventyret (The Stormhatt sisters and the Great Bird Adventure) is a dazzling, dizzying tale about two sisters who go on an adventure in the Big Forest to ask the birds how they can get wings so that they can visit their mum who has become an angel. But who can help them? Maybe it's the crazy crow Snorkråkan squalling in his hulk? Or the magic trush Troll-Trasten with his witchcraft witch doesn't seem to work as it should? What happens in the Dark-Super-Secret-Terribly-Pernicious-Grove when the mafioso-magpies sees the shiny crown-cap? Or when the Voodoo-Sparrow lure the little sister into her boiling poetry-pot? Will the sisters ever see their mum again?

Systrarna Stormhatt & Det Stora Fågeläventyret will be playing at Stadsteatern, Stockholm, the 30th of October 2010. Music is composed by Nicolai Dunger and Georg Riedel who also accompany the play together with his daughter, Sara Riedel.

Markus Krungegård som Markus Svartmes

Rikard Wolff som Snorkråkan

Nicolai Dunger som En vanlig sångfågel