Summer of 2009
Hitchhiker wakes up to find a message written on a note and glued up on her front door. It is the first in the line of plenty, all talking about love not far from obsession. They are signed and sealed by Hurricane. After a few days Hitchhiker receives instructions; she is to go to the Philosopher’s grave. Once there she finds not only a note, but also a promise: This will be a summer of hurricanes.
This is the beginning of a correspondence between Hitchhiker and Hurricane where they share the details regarding their delirious love lives. But the love that has once been light, and easy and fun, drastically turns in to something deeply destructive. Although they’ve never met, Hitchhiker and Hurricane decides to flee. A journey, the Roadtrip, takes it’s beginning. Together they ride through the good and the bad, the filthy and slobbery and sticky and ecstatic.
But what Hitchhiker yet does not know is that hurricanes often blow by quickly and that they most certainly are gone once the summer starts to fade.

The play/reading is a shorter reconstruction (15-20 min) of the story about Hitchhiker & Hurricane. It compresses the essential moments and the feeling of the coming book. Using the actual notes and photographs taken during the summer as our set, we build the world of Hitchhiker and Hurricane. The play includes music especially composed for the reading by Swedish artists Nicolai Dunger, Lars Skoglund, Juni Järvi and Cecilia Radkiewicz. If the possibility of showing a video exists, an art-film made exclusively for the project by video artist Karl Grön will be a part of the stage set. Hitchhiker & Hurricane is a true story and a poetry-fable.
Hitchhiker & Hurricane are Kristina Sigunsdotter and Isabel Nylund.