Kalkflickan is the second part of Kristina Sigunsdotter's trilogy about the lonely children. The first part is the poetry-saga Sjöpojken (The Sea boy). Kalkflickan is an investigation of what happens with children who identify themselves with their nightmares wile trying to escape the true nightmare they live in. In a bigger perspective its about how society’s different institutions (family, health service, school etc.) treats the individual and the fruit of this. Who is allowed to be seen and how awkward is a human being permitted to be? And how do we treat a little girl who most of all wants to be a monster with claws and a tale and sharp fangs?

Kalkflickan is exhibited as a poetry installation at Unfinished analogies, a paper tape exhibition and Centrifug project curated by Jacquelyn Davis of Valeveil: a Stockholm-based curatorial node. Konsthall C, Stockholm 4.22-5.08 2011.